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architectural project


Gonenc Real Estate Company shares an explanation of the architectural projects located in and around Marmaris Turkey. The architectural project indicates the land that was designed before it was built. At this stage, the landowner develops the desired dwelling within the architectural project and equips the land with zoning projects. For example, you want to build a house on the plot you purchased from the Selimiye real estate market. First, you start with the architectural project to work. But; You can not build house in every plot in the real estate market of Selimiye. Compliance with criteria is required. The period of smart housing is becoming a new B.C. Projects are developing in this context.

What is an architectural project in real estate?

If we open the question further, re-construction is to the most important detail. Construction permission is given by the municipality. After then the development projects are structured. Every detail determined during the structuring phase includes the architectural projects. The architect are preparing the projects as a contractor. After the planned phase, the zoning plans are transferred from the projects to the building. In the structuring stage of the architectural projects, the views of the landowner are taken into consideration. The proprietor requests are included in the preparation of the architectural project.

What does the projects cover?

  • The layout plan
  • Floor ownership sharing table
  • Square meter
  • Floor plans
  • Roof plan
  • Soil excavation calculation

All details include the project. At the stage of implementation of the projects, each one is determined separately. Then, it does start to process the architectural project. In the framework of the project, other operations of the works are also determined. For example, the soil excavation calculation, the electrical, energy systems of the works are prepared in detail. The determination of the transactions is evaluated in detail during the project. The contractor also considers the suitability of the land. Because it is very important that the project is suitable for the land.

Architectural Housing Project

Each architectural project is prepared by starting the operations related to the empty land. The contractor combines many details with the structure. For example, the appropriateness of the work with heat energy, how to construct the electrical systems, how much the land is excavated, how the works are constructed. All the processes determined within the scope of the architectural housing project are built after the project is completely completed. During the construction process is carefully studied. Because after the end of the project, permission is taken for the use of the works. In the preparation stage of the architectural project, the right decisions should be made on how to carry out each process.

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