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Life on the Beaches of Marmaris

Those living in beach houses said that even though Marmaris’s beaches were evacuated due to the epidemic restriction with the end of autumn, the summer season would not end. There are still those who sunbathe on the beach and swim at the end of November. It is opposite of remembered to me that It was raining in the Netherlands in August last year. Really, the summer does not end in Marmaris. You often encounter amateur fishermen on the beach. There are also families who spend their day on the beach. Many families are still here in sites, which are among the oldest sites, facing the beach. Those who have portable tables and chairs on the beach enjoy the day by sunbathing. The walkway welcomes people of all ages. Ten kilometres of walking road is an advantage for a healthy life. The bicycle path is used by those who love this sport.

Apartments for Sale Close to the Beach

Marmaris houses for sale close to the beach on the coastline stretching from the centre to İçmeler attract serious attention at all times. Houses are making a premium in terms of their location and their value is constantly increasing. There is a significant density in the region from the centre to the Sites. Siteler, which is the sea on one side and the forest on the other, is very popular due to its calmness and being located side by side with tourist facilities. Housing prices are constantly increasing. It is also true that there is a contraction in the supply of houses for sale.

Houses for sale with sea view

It is forbidden to build houses on the left side of the road from Marmaris to İçmeler. But there are residences and sites built before this ban. There are no parcels available for construction. For this reason, old buildings are demolished and replaced by new ones. There are also hotels in these buildings. Instead of demolished hotels and apart-hotels, new residences and boutique sites were built. Structuring with urban transformation is followed, albeit weakly. The meaning of what we have said is that the cost of the land share per flat is very high in the building cost. As a matter of fact, this is the first reason for the increase in sales prices. Sea view apartments for sale are already priced between 145,000-450,000-£ in 2 + 1 residences due to the high demand. It is possible to find second-hand flats at a price of  70,000-145,000-£ in residences that do not see the sea but close to the beach. In buildings over 25 years old, 2 + 1 property can be purchased for around 50,000-75,000-£. It needs to investigate and follow opportunities. For this reason, you can find opportunities by following the official website of the company that has been providing real estate consultancy services in the region for 27 years.

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