Compulsory Earthquake Insurance


Gönenç Real Estate Company in Muğla Marmaris publishes the answer to frequently asked questions about Compulsory Earthquake Insurance. Here is what you want to know about this insurance.

One of the world’s most active fault lines is located on Turkey. Most of our population lives in unprotected buildings in areas close to the earthquake. The importance of earthquake insurance comes out when we set off from these facts. Since a lot of lives lost in the past in Turkey, was earthquake that caused the loss of goods. Other natural disasters occur due to earthquakes. It continues to live at very frequent intervals.

The Van earthquake in recent years is the most recent evidence of this fact. Considering the structural weighted damage caused by natural disasters, it is understood that many of these damages are caused by earthquakes. DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance) aims to reduce the losses that occurred after the earthquake disaster as much as possible in the material sense.

Insurance is important

Compulsory Earthquake insurance is compulsory for the places you have already owned. It is obligatory for banks to be built by the government for the places you intend to buy by using mortgage. It is important that the current legislation is up-to-date, even if there is no criminal proceeding for payments not made in previous years. Due to the importance it carries, there are some restrictions on the construction of buildings without insurance. The condition of insurance policy is required when buying the mortgage. People who do not have DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance) policy in Marmaris Real Estate Sector are no longer allowed to water and electric subscribtion to their homes.

Who Makes Insurance?

First of all, insurance company makes for your . The information that you will be asked to make the insurance are as follows. Your name, address of residence, telephone number, tax identification number, of yourself Republic of Turkey identification numbers, the street address of the place you want to have insurance, title information (name, plot, plot and page number), year of construction of the building, the building’s architectural style, located in your building total number of floors, current damage situation in building, gross face measurement of ground. That is all.


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