Coronavirus Affects Marmaris Real Estate

Affects of Coronavirus

The real estate market wasn’t stable before Coronavirus. But life with the virus has stopped. Economic social life slowed down. It seems that it will continue for a while. However, it is expected that the Marmaris real estate market will return to its old days after the virus so what’s happening in the market in general? Gönenç Emlak Real Estate Company, one of the leading companies in the Marmaris Real Estate market, evaluates the prices of apartments for sale in Marmaris and the real estate demand movement.

After Coronavirus

The company, which has been serving for 26 years in the district of Marmaris in Muğla, allows you to buy at the most affordable prices and make quality investments. As it is known, Marmaris is one of the leading holiday paradises of Turkey. Investing in the tourism district of such importance makes it imperative to have a minimum level of information infrastructure.

Gonenc Real Estate

It is not easy to find a suitable investment property. It is a matter of careful research and patience. It is not easy for everyone to take time, get the right information, and conduct research regularly. For this reason, Gönenç Emlak firm, the experienced firm of the real estate sector in Marmaris, gives you important support in the areas of apartments for sale in Marmaris.

Increasing costs

Due to the economic conditions experienced in the housing market recently, significant increases have been observed in the prices of apartments for sale. One of the main reasons for the increase in prices in the real estate market is the increase in the cost of housing land cost share in our opinion. It is observed that it creates pressure in redefining prices with increasing costs. It is seen that the price levels of new buildings built on the basis of urban transformation have increased for the same reason.

exchange rate

The second reason is the effect caused by the increase in exchange rates in Turkey. For example, the house price with a sales tag of 100.000-USD was 550.000-TL in March 2020, and the exchange rate for today was 675.000-TL the exchange rate for April 2020. While there is no significant change in the housing sales price on the basis of foreign exchange, there has been an increase of up to in the last month due to the exchange rate difference.

Marmaris is Popular Again

In this case, he will inevitably tie the hands of the house buyers. Considering the increases in construction materials, we can see that the prices of apartments for sale in Marmaris have increased significantly. Every year, over one million houses sold record processes have decelerated. The real estate industry has gone on campaigns, launches, zero interest rate sales. Based on years of experience and knowledge, there is still a chance to offer suitable options to make good investments in the Marmaris property market. Because the opportunities are not over. Offering opportunities to realize your dreams is part of our job.

Marmaris for sale houses

Marmaris district of Muğla in Turkey remains apartment prices increased at a similar rate to the amount of increase overall. It is natural that there are significant price differences between the sea view house and far distance from the center of Marmaris for sale houses. The rapid increase of urban transformation practices in Marmaris is important for the future of the region. We believe that it is supported only in terms of safety, that is, earthquake resistance. land or building investments to be made in the housing sector in Turkey also contributes to the country’s economy as it carries serious profit potential. Investments in Marmaris for-sale houses are important for the development and comfort of our people’s social life.


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