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While cycling sports culture in Turkey is developing day by day, it has managed to become an integral part of healthy life. In recent years, Marmaris has become accustomed to using bicycle paths in accordance with international rules and conditions. Instead of using the private roads reserved for them, it is seen that people use the roads belonging to pedestrians. Can hit children with the elderly qualify as an accident? Yet let us find solace in the fact that those living among us who do not respect him are in the minority. Cycling sports culture, of course, is not enough on its own. The sports culture is only one element of the big family. Driving is probably as simple as walking, but the opportunities for churning these pedals are extremely diverse. Requires specificity for existing equipment. Our article covers some of the more popular professional ones, as well as what they need. Now let’s share with you information about the two types.

1- Road Bike

Driving on the smooth asphalt crisscrossing our island may seem like a monotonous task it can accomplish. But it’s all about speed. It is possible to go from point A to point B as fast as the energy of the person gives. Whether timed sport driving, single, multi-day stage racing is taken into account. It is an important tool for success, light, hard, suitable for your geometric preferences.

The weight of a road bike needs to be light so that it doesn’t hold you back during long, steep climbs. Each pedal power will be transferred to speed entirely to the wheels instead of the frame. Thus, it should be hard enough to create flexibility. The geometry should be used according to your personal preference. You have to decide first whether you want sensitive, responsive to small input. Your preference may be of a fixed nature that can easily follow a straight line.

There are many options that fall under these 2 extremes. It would probably be right to test the various types that suit you. Your choice will help you get started with the one that goes the way you want. As you earn miles by driving, you gain experience. It is possible that your preferences may change due to events you may attend in the future.

2- Cyclocross

Ever wondered how it would fare in muddy conditions? It is a sport in which hard-driving around the short circuit is the norm, throwing obstacles to increase the excitement. It is an exciting spectator sport on two wheels. It has become so popular that there are petitions for it to be added as an Olympic sport. Their races are very short, often less than an hour, yet require tremendous physical effort from its participants. Combined with the racers’ need to overcome stairs, ramps and obstacles, it makes it exciting, challenging and attractive. The sport is popular in Belgium, where good drivers come. It is observed that its popularity has started to spread slowly in America.

Although cyclocross looks similar to the others, it is different. Good handling is possible at low speeds. In muddy terrain, good braking is important under difficult conditions. It can be said that it is light enough for the driver to overcome the long obstacle, when necessary. Because races are often held in wet conditions, the Gear allows its riders to climb short but very steep, slippery slopes.

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