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In the real estate industry, digital real estate marketing continues to evolve and technological innovations increased its impact. Anyone who is interested in the market knows that the competition of the construction sector has increased. Every consultant needs to offer excellent services to his customers. Now, both sellers want to take their homes in a more qualified way and to impress the customers with the presentation. The buyers want to benefit from the special services.

Mugla Marmaris Gonenc Emlak Company made use of modern techniques in the rapid development of technology use in new commercial life. While real estate marketing, the importance of the subject was explained. The company uses modern methods of strategic planning and media marketing. Information technology is closely monitored since its establishment on 01.01.1994 our firm. For any agreement face to face meeting and shaking hands is very important for us.. Now we have ask: Is the 360 ​​degree tour important? Let’s see.

It is not possible to deal with many customers at the same time, to visit dozens of houses and to reach different positions. In this case,  clients need to find solutions that will make them more practical and satisfying customers. Perhaps the biggest innovation brought to  markets, the 360 ​​degree tour system provides professional consultants and buyers with great convenience.

What is 360 Degree Tour?

With the 360-degree tour that is used in real estate marketing transactions, people can visit inside the houses indicated when they enter their websites. In this system, people can see in detail the exterior and interior of the building where they wonder with the mouse. The virtual tour system allows the person to visit the rooms as if they were inside the house, to plan the apartment in the building, to see the rooms, their facades, furniture and marbles. The 360-degree tour gives people the feel of a real trip with high resolution photos. This system also allows people to zoom in to any area they want. Every detail can be reviewed.

The virtual tour system

People with 360-degree tour can visit all the houses in three to four minutes. This gives the customer, real estate agent time. Hundreds of homes they like to visit a short time with the help of virtual tour. Customers will decide the houses after virtual system with the real estate agent wants to visit the house.

This system provides great convenience to real estate agents, customers and is not available on companies’ every websites. There’s no obligation to be in use. May be it is a great advantage for you to choose the sites that contain this 360 degree virtual tour system to rent or buy a house. With the virtual tour you can see which facade you want, the width of the rooms, the color of the wall paints, the architecture of the house and much more. This is your choice of decision.

As Result: Image is the best expression format. OK. But, it hasn’t be enough only one in the marketing work . It is only part of the process for been marketing. We wrote our commentary. So if you do not support you can write us. Your comments are open to our page. We expect to sharing with us.

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