Frequently Asked Questions

Muğla Marmaris Gönenç Real Estate Company shares answers to current frequently asked questions in the real estate industry with Marmarisnews. Marmaris real estate news gives you information about the market, price analysis and opportunities.

What to know when buying a home in the housing industry?

You want to buy housing in Muğla and Marmaris home market for sale. It is not right decision to buy a house without official research. Problems that may arise in house purchases may vary depending on the situation of the house. These problems may be related to the floor easement, condominium or residence permit. If you are already buying a home using a housing loan, this will be the case naturally. In such cases, you should first know what these issues are.

What is floor annuity and floor ownership?

The question of what is the floor easement concerns the ones who want to buy houses. It means the land share of the dwellings to be built or under construction and the title deed given on this share. In these cases, the municipality shall determine all residential address and door numbers to be constructed.

The deed of the property is given from the deed register office in the region. So, in summary, it is a form of agreement between the owner and the buyer. All the features of the house and the building are determined according to the official agreement. In the same way the buyer is obliged to pay his payments.

If you need a loan to buy housing and there is not a construction that has just started, the bank will ask you for the floor easement and title. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw credits.

In the most simple form of the question of what is the ownership of the floor can be answered as follows; It also means that the ownership of the right to the common real estate system of the floor ownership is the right of the owner and the occupancy certificate is obligatory.

Is it obligatory to take the Floor Ownership?

The floor easement certificate obtained for the dwellings that have not yet been constructed or have not been completed may not work for a certain period of time. Housing owners can usually postpone their ownership of the property in order to maximize the impact of certain taxes. However, this document may not be sufficient to protect all your rights to the housing. For this reason, in accordance with the last law, the purchase of the condominium property has been made obligatory and otherwise the penal provisions have been determined.

This clearly shows the importance of the ownership of condominium. Please note that you can also get condominium for properties where the settlement document has been completed. For this reason, it is very important that you work with a reliable contractor. Although real estate employees and consultants declare that they are very important, you should make sure that your work is guaranteed.