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Gonenc Real Estate has been serving for 25 years in Turkey

It has possible with to go to Gonenc Real Estate office that the transactions like buy a house or rent a rental can be realized in a short time with a professional real estate consultant.  Contracts between the buyer and the seller are made in the transactions such as renting and selling the house. The consultant brings the two sides together and ensures their agreement. Upon completion of this transaction, the firm receives its commission from both the buyer and the seller. Our portfolio is published electronically. You can reach hundreds of real estate listings via our website. From Bodrum to Fethiye, Muğla area and Marmaris are our service areas.

What Should Be Known

You can go to a company other than Gonenc Real Estate Company. Here’s what you need to watch out for. Legally, this tariff is determined by the Ministry of Trade. According to the tariff, the service fee is accrued on the sales rate of 2% from both parties. The commission fee is charged after it is finished. The VAT amount is charged as a service fee for the specified invoice. However, the commission may not always be taken from both sides. For example, in the case of housing leases only a commission is charged by the lessee. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about the leasing process. The commission fee may vary according to the nature and size of the exchange and the negotiation. This difference in the commissions received for the houses sold or rented originates from the mutual sacrifice. If the shopping does not happen, the commission cannot be requested.

Things to Pay Attention

  • See the Real Estate Office License.
  • Ask you about the learning, experience, knowledge and competence of the person who will provide service to you.
  • Ask everything if you don’t understand.
  • Consideration should be given to the issues identified when granting authorization.
  • Specify the conditions and duration of the authorization.
  • If the power of attorney is given, it must be complete.
  • The amount of the commission fee should be known.
  • Consideration should be given to the issues determined during the agreement.
  • Be sure to get professional support in any protocol or contract.
  • Do not sign without reading, understanding.

Before going to the Real Estate Consultant, there is a great deal of value to know. Because some work may be done for unilateral or disproportionate wages. Therefore, caution should also be exercised in substitution. The commission fee must be paid in accordance with the law.

Real estate agent is the most effective tool in house renting or sales. The consultant completes the service by performing the transactions after the buyer and seller are put together. The fee for the service provided takes its own commission and determines some points before this process. Here, the main consideration is the stage before the lease process. Someone who needs to be known before going to the Advisor’s Office is the process of getting a cover fee. For example, if you couldn’t decide for the house you were renting, and before that, you paid the closing fee for the real estate agent to keep the house. You are not entitled to a refund later. The correct one should be paid to the bank account of the amount of the deposit. You should pay attention to such situations, and every signed contract must be read carefully.

Let’s talk about of deposits. With a receipt, the payment by hand with the contract will not be. The tenant and the lessor open a bank account which can be withdrawn with a new joint signature. The deposit is deposited into the account. The tenant or the lessor cannot withdraw alone. Together with the double signature can be taken. If the contract has expired and the house is delivered as received, the money is withdrawn. In case of disagreement, it may be withdrawn as a result of court decision. Let’s note that the deposit is the tenant’s money. Measures are given. The host cannot use it according to pleasure. This is the most fair way. Let’s go to an agreement knowing this.

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Gonenc Real Estate

gonenc real estate


Economist. The married. He lives in Marmaris. Founder of Gonenç Real Estate Company. He's been running the company for 25 years.

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  1. 25 years of experience knowledge in Marmaris and Muğla surroundings is important. The quality of the service provided by the expert team determines the value of the company. For this reason, I recommend Gönenç Real Estate Company.

  2. Traditional trade is no longer valid. New modern techniques are used. Strategic planning, inbound and digital marketing are eye-catching methods. I looked at your site. I find your work on digital marketing successful. Congratulations.

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