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Armutalan Gönenç Real Estate Company offers the important opportunity for those who want to buy housing in the Marmaris Real Estate sector. With the announcement of the house for sale by the owner. The company has announced that we are offering properties belonging to our family to the market. Housing has advantages with its price and features.


House for sale in Marmaris Armutalan is suitable for housing loan. The house is open on three sides. It is a bright house with sunshine all day long. Renovated. There is no expense for basic needs. The two-storey residence has a terrace on the top floor. The right to make a roof with the court decision on the site was won. Therefore, the 2 + 1 duplex apartment has the potential to turn into 4 + 1 position.

Features of the house

Entrance door with steel door, washbasin on the right, WC. The lounge is spacious. The kitchen is an American kitchen that can be turned into a separate type feature. Since there is a chimney place in the hall, it is possible to use stove, cooker, fireplace. Features a large balcony with exit from the lounge. Some families removed the intermediate wall to make the hall larger. . Security is provided by using decorative iron on the windows.

There are accessed by wooden stairs to second storey. The bathroom wc is spacious. two bedrooms open to two balconies. The terrace is reached by stairs. This is a multi-purpose use. For example; sunbathing area, tumble dryer space, BBQ, etc.

There is the title deed on the floor property for duplex. The mortgage loan can be used during the purchase process. Families live on the site. Site dues fee is paid for joint expenses such as garden maintenance, lighting of general spaces, environmental order. This payment is made to the bank account of the management. Money is not given by hand. Payment is monthly, quarterly or yearly advance payment. For this house, the annual fee for 2019 was paid in advance.

How can I see the house?

You can contact Kemal Gönenç to see the house by appointment. The sales price is £ 60.000. There are no obstructions such as mortgages, court decisions and measures on the title deed. There is no hindrance in the sale of the house. There is no payment for electricity, water, subscriber or dues. Since it is for sale from the owner, no commission is paid. The buyer pays only trading taxes.

Detailed Information Kemal Gönenç WhatsApp: 0532 312 901 16


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