Life in The Aegean

Turkey Marmaris

It has been announced that retired holidaymakers are the address of those who follow the dreams of those who dream of life on the beaches, the choice of domestic and foreign tourists. The Aegean region is the place with the most suitable climate to live and vacation. As the climate is mild, the air passages are very soft in summer and winter.
There are many towns in the Aegean region. Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris, Fethiye are the most heard residential areas. We can say that the real estate sector is very active in this region. Marmaris real estate market is very active in terms of housing demand. Houses bought for both summer and permanent residence are home to the most beautiful places in the region.

Marmaris Shores

Marmaris is one of the places that attract a lot of people in terms of tourism. Seaside to see, small towns and villages to visit are natural wonders. Population doubles in Marmaris in summer. The need for home increases due to density. Prices go up.
Apart from hotels, it is possible to find a house for sale in the area. Generally, preferred houses are summer houses close to the sea. Houses can be purchased in places other than hotel establishments and places that need to be protected on the Aegean coast.

Holiday Houses

Houses and other real estates for sale in the Aegean region are also available in furnished or unfurnished houses, except for newly built buildings. These old houses are two- or single-storey places, with garden-style green gardens.
New-built apartments or villa-type houses are also using state-of-the-art products and smart apartment designs are also included. It offers answers according to the wishes of the people. There are two types of houses for sale and other real estates for those who love village life and seek luxury and comfort.



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