Living With Earthquake

Safety First

Due to the region we live in, we have to take measures to live with an earthquake and we have got to used to habit live with an earthquake.

Earthquakes are shocks caused by sudden vibrations caused by breaks in the earth’s crust. The earthquake has been one of the most disastrous natural disasters throughout history. Especially with the developing industry and increasing construction, loss of life increases due to earthquake. Our country is located in the most dangerous part of the region, where 20-25 per cent of earthquakes that occur during the year occur in the world. When historical periods and earthquake activity are analyzed, the risk of earthquakes in our country is quite high. Therefore, the demand for earthquake-resistant houses in the Marmaris real estate housing sector is the first feature.

Earthquake Hazard

Almost all the populated settlements in our country are built on active fault lines. As we do not know when the earthquake will happen, we have to get used to living with earthquakes as a country. Even if there is no escape from the earthquake, we can be protected from harm. For this reason, we should learn about the earthquake and teach our children at an early age what to do and what should not be done in the earthquake. We must be aware of what we will encounter in the event of an earthquake and what we will do in an earthquake.

Protection from Earthquake

To protect from the earthquake, we have to a plan to before the earthquake occurred. The most important issue is that the houses built to comply with earthquake standards and are earthquake resistant. Earthquake does not damage durable resisted-houses. Therefore, a large part of the solution to the problem is the beginning. If the building we live in is not earthquake resistant, we should make it durable. Apart from that, we should prepare an earthquake bag. The earthquake bag is very important for the survivors to survive the first 72 hours. The materials in the earthquake bag should be determined very well. What should be in the earthquake bag:
• Water, Energizing foods
• Flashlight with spare batteries
• First-aid kit
• Personal prescription drugs
• One coat of clothing
• A sum of money
• An easy-to-carry blanket
• Pocketknife
• Whistle
• Pen, paper
• A waterproof file with important phone numbers and contact information
• Toilet paper, nylon bags for toilet waste

Wherever we are in an earthquake, the main thing to do is to be calm and not to panic. In the event of an earthquake, we should stay away from windows and items that would easily fall over. We should stay away from elevators and stairs during an earthquake. We must hold on tightly to a possible location and protect ourselves until the moment of the earthquake passes. After the earthquake, we should check the gas and electrical installations and not be near them.

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