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Mugla Marmaris

Our company, which has been serving in the Muğla region and Marmaris real estate market for over 27 years, has presented the sector with content related to the frequently asked questions in the sector. It takes place in the real estate market where the property rights of independent buyers and sellers,  change hands on the determined date. Safe trading is provided with the support of a consultant. The determination of the value of immovables is made by licensed authorized experts. The pricing of the immovable by considering some conditions is called real estate appraisal. While doing this, it is necessary to comply with the relevant legislation. This activity takes place in the real estate market.

Real Estate Appraisers Authority?

Persons dealing with this issue professionally are called appraisers. It can be done by the graduates of the civil engineering, architecture, city planning, economics, and business departments of universities. However, in order for graduates to be able to determine, they must pass an exam after graduation. For this purpose, an Appraisal Expert Exam is held by the Capital Markets Board. Candidates who get enough points from the exam are licensed.

What to pay attention to?

Located in the real estate market consulting company in Turkey and Muğla Gonenc Emlak real estate market has made a lot of scope leases and purchase-sale applications. Today, it is important to determine the value of this activity in order to do it properly. While determining, issues such as the age, service purpose, current location, and size of the immovable are given importance. In addition, market research should be conducted in accordance with the period, the real estate should be compared with its peers and the value should be determined accordingly.

Who Can Apply?

Authorized persons or institutions can apply to determine the monetary value of the real estate. Authorized experts make on-site measurements and calculations and compare them with the project of the property. It then submits reports to individuals or institutions, taking into account all the situations described above. Leasing and trading activities are also carried out according to this report.

Gonenc Real Estate Consulting Company

Founded on January 1, 1994, the company is managed by a team of experts. The touristic area on the coastal belt from Datça to Fethiye is our service area. Closely following the technology, the company publishes over 700 constantly updated ads for sale. When there are buyers who are interested in the postings in the broadcast by contacting the property owners directly, secure trade is established by meeting the owners. By using digital marketing techniques, market work is carried out in a solution-oriented manner. In addition to these studies in the Marmaris real estate market, the contents for the sector are shared due to the ongoing demands.

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