Millions of tenants are waiting

Good News For The Tenants

Millions of tenants are waiting for news In the Marmaris real estate sector, the rate of increase in rent, which causes controversy and even problems, has gained legal solution. Gonenç Real Estate Company ‘s Marmaris-Haber.Com site, the tenant is giving the good news. The pleasing law for tenants was adopted in the Assembly. Rent increases will not be made in the past year by D-PPI. On the basis of the 12-month average, an increase will be made compared to the CPI. In the former regulation, rent increases that are possible to be 33.64% are limited by 16.33% as required by the new law.

With the law passed by Parliament last week passed the accounts are re-made with the law. According to the law in force in the previous year, the rate of increase in rent was determined according to the ratio of Domestic Producer Price Index (D-PPI). But; the new law increase account will be made according to the 12-month average of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The application of the law has been in force since 1 January 2019.

In simple terms, tenants who will have to increase their rents as of January 1, 2019, will act according to the new rate of increase. The CPI rate will be applied according to the 12-month average, not D-PPI. In 2018, D-PPI was announced as 33.64% and CPI was announced as 16.33 according to 12-month average. With the new account rents will increase by 17 points less.


As an example, tenant who pays rent for 1000 TL a month will have a rent amount of 1 January 2019 instead of 1,336 TL. In this case the rent will increase by 173 pounds less. If the tenant who had paid the rent of TL 500 last year would apply the old law, he would pay 668-TL TL. However, this year the new rent will not exceed 582 TL. In other words, the amount of the rent paid to the TL 500-TL will be paid less than the 86-TL lira

Problem Solved

The most common problem among tenants and lessors is solved by law. The rate of increase in the lease contract must be in compliance with the law. Under the Law on the Protection of the Turkish Lira with the lease contracts must be Turkish Lira issued with the new implementation in forced in contract.

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