Nature Tourism Master Plan Updating

Turkey’s importand industry The tourism, construction and real estate sector plays as a locomotive role in development. Gönenç Real Estate Company Head officer said that real estate market in Muğla surrounding housing market has affected each other with tourism. Mugla has an important place in terms of tourism. Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye has very popular district in Muğla . Milas Bodrum and Dalaman Airports play an important role in the transportation of tourists from all over the world to our province. Sea sand sunshine as well as product diversification on historical-cultural-purpose trips are constantly supported. Therapy tourism also has stands out in terms of development in these studies.

The Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs in Muğla announced the preparation of the Nature Tourism and Master Plan. We will go on to folloving to information about the new regulations and investments of Muğla Province.

Nature tourism should be improved. Because Muğla’s nature structure is very suitable for doing this type of activities. For this purpose, the Master Plan of Nature Tourism was prepared. Action plan was prepared for the plan. The purpose of the action plan is to provide contribution and development for Muğla Tourism. Governorate and the contribution of the Big City Municipality is important.

Projects prepared by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks

  • Biodiversity monitoring project
  • Bafa Lake Nature Park walking path arrangement
  • Bird watching project in the wetlands of Milas Tuzla
  • Koycegiz Wildlife walking path and arrangement of cruise points
  • Arrangement of the areas like the Therapy Center

After the completion of these studies, the more the development, the more quality tourists will arrived. The subject of tourism should be compact, coordinated management of different units at every level in accordance with a certain purpose. We hope that 2019 Tourism will be fruitful.

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