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All summer resort towns in Turkey approaches its features looking at their choice of vacation. The most important feature that people take into consideration when choosing a holiday destination is the beach and the sea. The second feature in the resort is the entertainment facilities. Everybody wants to spend their holidays nice but not only for sea. That’s why the nightlife of the resorts is also being explored. Marmarisnews reporting for you that nightlife in Marmaris is one of the most famous entertainment among the resorts.

The night life in Marmaris, which has the best entertainment venues in the Aegean and Mediterranean, offers entertainment opportunities to tourists with many different concepts. In these places where entertainment lasts until the first light of the morning, there are activities that will appeal to everyone’s understanding of entertainment. The magic attraction of nightlife is the reason for interest for many families in area. If you’re wondering about the most popular night entertainment venues that come from the surrounding resorts for nightlife, we’ve compiled the main ones in our article.

What would you do differently?

The most popular entertainment venues in our district are;

Club Areena:

Clup Areena is one of the oldest entertainment venues in town. Club bars are on the street. To entertain the entertainment content, the place always loves to entertain the customers by bringing famous DJs. In addition you can find laser shows in the club.

Crazy Daisy:

Crazy daisy is the place to go if you want to hear the latest songs while having fun. Again the bars are filled every day by the tourists located in the “Barlar Sokagı”.

No Bamboo:

No Bambu is for you if you prefer quieter places for entertainment. The ambience is quite nice if you want to relax at the table by listening to the music playing in the evenings. It is located in No BambuTurunç.


Budha offers a variety of different kind of activities, which is a beautiful choice for alternative music lovers.

La Rocca:

La Rocca is a nightclub where you can have fun until dawn.

Bono Beach:

Bono Beach serves as a beach in the daytime and it is a calm and romantic place where you can enjoy delicious meals in the evenings. For dinner with your partner, you can prefer Bono Beach without thinking.

Tevekkeli Meyhane

Tevekkeli Meyhane has been opened  as a new space this year with original features. Possible to listen Turkish and Greek live music. Tevekkeli Meyhane has ideal for those who want to taste Turkish cuisine.

The night comes again from the magical holiday resort where you can continue your life as a holiday in a different 24 hours life cycle. Let’s say you have your house here.

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