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When buying a house for sale in Turkey Marmaris real estate market, the most important issue is what is the permission of condominium status of the structure. Ownership of the condominium also has certain conditions and procedures. What are the terms of condominium property? In every building there is no condominium. Construction can be done on the zoned land but it is not allowed to own condominium if not requested. This is not obligatory.

For example, agreement may not be requested in the apartment. If there is a deal because a foreigner will not come to the building and will be used by the family. In this case, there is no need for to condominium. But this is not the same for a site. Here you can request condominium. The condominium will be required for the individual sale of the apartments. Because without ownership, there will be partnership.

Each Apartment is Owned Separately

Each joint will be shared in the building section share by partners. In such cases, there will be no board of directors and no floor owners. Therefore, condominium is a very important element. Especially when you buy a building, one of the first features you will pay attention to in this building should be condominium. For this reason, buying house in Marmaris is important. The apartments in the building are easier to sell than to sell the building individually. Therefore, condominium is a very important element. However, since it is not obligatory, it will not be necessary for a building purchased to the family outside the commercial purpose. To go to the ownership of the floor can fulfill the stages we have mentioned and you can go to the ownership of the floor.

Condominium Ownership Requirements and Stages

Of course, condominium are necessary for the transition to the ownership of any building or building community. The requirements for passing to condominium property are as follows;

* Due to the construction phase of the building, it is necessary to acquire the property in accordance with the zoning plan.

* Then the project should be prepared in accordance with the zoning situation for the buildings to be built on the land. It is stipulated to be approved by the municipality.

* The construction is completed with the acquisition of the floor easement deeds.

* With the permission of the settlement can be transferred to the ownership of the floor.

Let’s not forget that control does not prevent trust. Researching, evaluating, increasing our knowledge strengthens the infrastructure of the decision-making process. Right decision results has been successful always.

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