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After the cybernetic revolution, economic and social changes accelerated and modern communication results in the real estate sector were shared by Marmarisbox Real Estate Bulletin. It has been re-registered that knowledge is difficult. The Internet made sharing this power unprecedented in history. The spiral development of the communication network has shrunk the world. Gönenç Real Estate Company, which is the first on-line sales system of Marmaris and its surroundings, was founded on 01.01.1994. It is published by the expert team on the Marmaris Real Estate Bulletin of the Company, which was established in the same year as the Chamber of Commerce.

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Marmarisbox Newsletter informs you about the latest advertisements that are offered to the sector for sale and rent. It gives information about opportunities. The bulletin is currently in Turkish yet over Marmarisbox site. You can find the information about the rental and sale housing and lands in Marmaris and Muğla through our newsletter.

To benefit from this service offered by Gönenç Real Estate Company, it is enough to become a member by writing an e-mail address. Gönenç Real Estate Company, which has been reaching its customers over the internet for more than 25 years, you can reach hundreds of rental and for-sale properties in the newsletter prepared for you. Advertisements are supported with comprehensive content, image and video visual power.


Marmaris Real Estate Bulletin always provides up-to-date information about the real estate sector. Notices for sale or rent are made with the Bulletin. Customers who want to make informed choices constantly follow the information in their bulletin opportunity. The followers contribute by requesting the topics they want to be included on the agenda. You can support our newsletter with your comments and criticisms. We are on a platform formed jointly with criticism and comments. You can get consultancy about the ad information you like in the bulletin. With the consultancy service we provide with confidence and sincerity, we support you on your journey to own a property.


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Economist. The married. He lives in Marmaris. Founder of Gonenç Real Estate Company. He's been running the company for 25 years.

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