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Gönenç Emlak company announced that digital marketing is a type of activity that is becoming more and more widespread every day, and it is widely used in real estate housing marketing activities. It has been stated that consultancy firms in the Marmaris real estate market have adopted this technical study. Marmaris real estate sector closely follows the technological developments applied in the world. Products, brands and services can be promoted electronically. As a matter of fact, with the technology developing every day, its advantages compared to the traditional type are strong. The name given to the presentation and activity of the brand by introducing itself in the electronic environment is the name of this technical understanding. The activity with digital techniques is very productive. It appeals to more customers and potential customers compared to the classical type of work. The method is used especially in the widely used internet and social media platforms.

Real Estate Marketing

According to recent studies, half of Turkey’s population actively uses the internet. Thanks to the use of the Internet, trading on the Internet is quite common. E-commerce, mobile promotion is selling products by choosing alternative methods by consumers. It is more up-to-date than traditional methods. There are businesses that do not give importance to modern techniques and do not allocate a budget. When businesses compete in sales, it is likely to fall into the background compared to their competitors in the market. Because everyone is using the internet actively now, most people have shopped online even once. Businesses are trying to increase their sales by promoting themselves on the internet. Real estate is located on the axis of modern technical work in housing marketing activity.

Where to use it?

Marmaris real estate housing marketing has a wide usage area in the sector. The biggest reason for the wide range of the spectrum is that the internet network is wide. It is used in new places, which progress in parallel with the increasing use of the internet every day. Businesses reach many people with little energy. In addition, they do it digitally instead of selling posters and brochures, as in traditional methods.


Product, brand and service promotions made through websites are one of the most frequently used types of housing marketing through electronic media. Almost even the smallest companies have commercial websites. The benefit is provided by creating an efficient working area for the purposes of branding, shopping and creating a customer network.

On Social Media Channels

Product, brand or service promotion through social media is common but highly effective. Companies that find potential buyers do not neglect the modern method that is generally applied. Thus, potential buyers get to know the companies. Apart from the aforementioned digital media, digital marketing is also carried out in journal posts, PR studies, brochures, catalogues, brand values ​​such as fonts and colours.

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