Rental And For-Sale Properties in Turkey

The Contract Is Important

Gönenç Real Estate Company announced that some rules should be observed about rental and sale properties in Turkey Marmaris. Until the letter of confirmation comes all the documents determining the sales period prepare completely. The file can be returned by asking for additional documents in the review. In this case, it may be necessary to prepare again. In addition, there may be a negative response with the phrase “not approved”. The deposit can be taken by the buyer. The real estate company can take it to his custody like a trustee.

The healthiest and the one we recommend; Payment to the bank account of the recipient must be stated that the receipt is definitely the housing cap to be purchased and the blockage of the paid money is stated. Yes; the deposit should be blocked in the account. Neither the buyer, the seller, and the real estate agent, or the person to whom the attorney is given can use this cover. This should be clearly stated in the sales contract. The contract must be made by a lawyer through a sworn translator. These service fees will be paid by the buyer. If the buyer gives up; the deposit lights up. It is not returned. But; If the confirmation letter appears negative, it will be returned. If the seller releases the sale, the refund is returned and the buyer is entitled to compensation.

Commission And Deposit Fees

In Marmaris Real Estate Sector, the sales commission rate is collected from the buyer and seller separately with a 2% + VAT (18%) include an invoice. In the case of both types of waivers, the real estate company has the right to receive a 4% commission, 2% + 2% for buyers and sellers. This right is acquired through the consultancy service provided in the contract and the party giving up has to make this payment. The amount of deposit against such problems should not be less than 30% of the sales price. For 100.000-Euro, 30.000-Euro deposit is blocked in the bank. In case of a dispute, the money can be withdrawn by court decision or mutual consent of the parties.

Gonenc Emlak Real Estate

After the procedures start; the buyer does not need to wait for the process. This waiting period is followed by us. In some cases; The buyer wants to settle in the house before the sales process is over. The most correct thing is that the key is delivered after the confirmation letter arrives after the sale is realized. How to deliver the house should also be specified in the contract. When everything is ok, there isn’t any problem. It is necessary when the law is a problem. The recipient should be informed about this necessary procedure and explained what to do. The buyer can obtain a residence permit with the application or after the new homeowner. This is done by professional offices or upon request by our company. In order to make transactions, follow-up is done against a fee, under the supervision of the attorney or the buyer. You can contact us with the form below for your questions and requests.

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