Ten Step Rule

Ten step rule for land investment

Gonenc Real Estate making a statement that investment in the real estate has always earned in Marmaris. However, the rate of earnings is important. Right investment is mentioned if the earnings are as much as have to return. The decision has been given here is questioned. Gonenc Real Estate Company determination; When you buy land in Marmaris Selimiye, the investment made with the foresight in accordance with the ten-step rule for the well-researched land investment at the right time and place will bring high earnings.

People want to generate additional income that will contribute to their budgets through various investment methods. They then select the investment methods they can make more money than the money they spend on that investment. The most classic of these methods of investment is the land investment. Lands are one of the most preferred investment options. Because they have a structure that is increasing day by day and mostly does not require maintenance after purchase.

But even though it seems to be the most profitable road, the land is profitable only when it is taken from the right place and places suitable for development. So it seems to be the easiest method, but in fact it contains various risks. It can even cause the investor to suffer damage. Therefore, following some steps before taking the plots shown among the investment forms that provide profit, prevents you from to lose money. Especially in Selimiye there are rules to be paid attention in the land market for sale. Here is The right land investment in 10 steps is as follows;

1- First of all, you must not hurry. Making certain, unthinkable decisions can cause you to suffer. As a first step, it is very important for you to have ideas in your mind and to visit the plots in order to decide among many options.

2- Location is very important when investing in land. Make sure that the location of the land you buy will be available for improvement.

3- Be sure to see the zoning plans of the land you will receive. Also collect information about the shopping center, cafes, commercial centers, roads, intersections that will be made after you purchase.

4- You will get a plot from the newly opened areas of the building and take care not to get too late. Because the price of land in these regions will increase in a short time.

5- If there are roads and intersections around the land, it means that people and cars pass through, meaning that they are available for development. The land you will buy from corners or four-way roads will give you profit.

6- Prefer residential areas where you will get commercial land.

7- Buy the plot from the promised places where life intensity increases.

8- Preferring places with planned urbanization will help you to win in a short time.

9- After you have determined the land you will get, make the deed inspection.

10-In the last step, be sure to ask the real estate agent for all procedures to do it correctly.



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