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Southern coast of Mugla Marmaris and tourism on the environment, the economy, the market is given a list of Turkey blogs about places to visit with.A list of useful blogs links are shared with Turkey Marmaris real estate sector. Turkish and English blogs are about Marmaris Real Estate sector. Appropriate blog links are published on this page. Please contact us for this purpose.

2019 List

Marmaris Emlak
Information about Marmaris real estate market and property for sale in Turkey, sites, shared.

Turkey Marmaris and published articles about the real estate market information is presented.

Gonenc Emlak Haber
Real estate market news and comments are shared.

Gonenc Real Estate Blog
Information about Marmaris, the pearl of the world and its southern coasts, as well as the prices of houses for sale are giving.

Turkish blog. The information you want to learn about the real estate market is presented in detail.


marmaris real estate


Economist. The married. He lives in Marmaris. Founder of Gonenç Real Estate Company. He's been running the company for 25 years.

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