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Turkey Holiday as Blue Cruise

Let’s say that it is a chance to settle here by buying a house for sale in Marmaris for a lifetime holiday. Let’s talk about our suggestions to those who think for holiday. Marmarisnews reported If you ask which is one of best Turkey blue cruise we will reply you as Marmaris. It is important that here is located at the intersection of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Also the proximity to Rhodes Island and Dalaman Airport is an advantage. Here is one of the indispensable addresses of the blue cruise in the summer months. There are many agencies that organize tours. If you want to participate in one of the tours, simply contact one of these agencies. If you wish, you can rent a 8 or 10 person yacht in a private group. You can enjoy the blue tour by renting a cabin with friends.

Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are like treasures waiting to be discovered. Bays, beaches and nature are always ready to be explored with blue voyage. It is advantage that yachts can anchor in many regions and find what they want on the beaches. During the blue tour you can participate in many activities. Swimming in the blue seas, water sports, surfing are available.

It is also possible to see the ancient cities of the region such as Knidos, Telmessos, Antiphellos, Caunos, Olympos, Phaselis Myra and Lycian rock tombs. It is magic to have a journey in history. In short, domestic and foreign tourists generally prefer to participate in blue cruise. Listen to story by returning home after the holidays with unforgettable memories in Marmaris is the reason for booking.

What is a Blue Cruise?

The Blue Tour is made to the blues of Mediterranean and Aegean Sea with wooden sailing and motor yachts named as Gulet. This tourism activity is specific to our country. Turkey located in the spectacular beach coves, crystal clear sea, beaches, history and a perfect holiday destination for its natural beauty. Enjoyed visiting the coast by sea is a great vacation deals. Many local and foreign tourists add blue cruise to holiday programs instead of tourist accommodation holiday.

Marmaris Blue Cruise Routes

The Blue Tour can be made along the coastline of 350 nautical miles in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. There is an alternative road map due to the structure of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with such as lace. It is possible to create your own road map with the captain within certain limits. This chance increases the attractiveness of the holiday. Blue cruise routes from Marmaris include Knidos and Gökova Bay in the west, Datça, Bodrum, Gümbet beaches; It is a coastline extending to Fethiye Gulf and Oludeniz in the east. Beaches and blue coves await you as a guest.

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