Tourism Reserve Area

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The tourism reserve area is determined by the Ministry of Water Affairs and Tourism in our country. The tourism reserve area is an area with natural beauties covered with historical and water. The Ministry of Tourism carries out all the necessary procedures for the protection of such regions and opening them to tourism.

The zoning inauguration in places outside the area where the historical sites are located is made for the revival of tourism in the region. The purpose of the urban transformation project in such places, which is introduced as a touristic area for all domestic and foreign citizens is purely for this purpose. This development project, which was initiated for the development of tourism in the region, generally includes parking areas and hotels. Such constructions are carried out outside the historical area.

Tourism Reserve Areas

+Regions with historical beauties
+Wetlands areas.
+Historical buildings.
+Areas near the sea.
+Places with natural beauty covered with greenery.
All these areas are designated and protected by the Ministry of Tourism.

What is the tourism reserve area?

If we explain the question in more detail, such regions are generally opened to tourism by the ministry. After the determination of the Ministry, such historical beauties and wetlands where zoning plans were initiated, are then presented to the public. The region that is opened to tourism is revived in time and becomes a highly developed area in terms of sightseeing.

Use of Tourism Reserve Areas

The places which are identified as tourism reserve area are constructed primarily in accordance with the zoning plan. This project by the ministry is then examined in detail. After the completion of the zoning projects in accordance with the tourism reserve area of ​​the region, it is opened to the public as a tourist area. In these regions, which are protected by the Ministry of Tourism, there are generally green areas and seashore. These areas which are visually rich are only opened to tourism after it is determined that there is a tourism reserve area. The Ministry of Tourism has many hotels in these areas which are used for travel and holiday and provides tourism development of the region.