Village House For Sale

Bayır Village House

Half an hour away from Muğla Marmaris, the village house in Bayır Mahallesi is for sale by Gonenç Real Estate. information was given by Firm about plot for sale located in Bayır. The village house on the 5,630m2 parcel benefited from the restructuring peace law. Restoration can be done for the village house. Electric water subscriptions can be made. It is possible to use for various purposes. You can choose to use it as a dwelling or for a chicken breeding, farm, beekeeping, pomegranate orchard. For those who prefer life in nature, the village house has very important advantages.

Village Houses Why Important

Since 1990s, the village houses for sale in all periods found buyers. The most important reason for this is the zonning problems. The peasant wants to build a structure on his own land. But he can’t. Because the cadastral work is not completed can not take legal permission. Besides, 20-25 years ago, many parcel owners did not even have a deed. The owner had ownership rights with the stock certificate. Quantity and boundary problems were found in the existing deeds. For example; Border description were vague expressions.


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