Who We Are

Gonenç Real Estate

The date of establishment of the company is 01.01.1994. Since its establishment, professional real estate consultancy services have been provided in Muğla and Marmaris markets. Gönenç Real Estate Company is a family company. It works in line with the principles for 25 years. The changing world changed our commercial life. He went out of clasic market, waiting the customer to come. Our company continues its activities with modern methods of strategic planning, inbound, digital real estate marketing. You can send your requests about all kinds of real estate. Working with an expert team protects you from drawbacks. We helps you evaluate the advantages and make the right decisions.

What are the Advantages of Working with a Real Estate Consultant?

People who want to buy property should first consider the option of working with a trusted advisor and should not put their business at risk. Experts, for example, are closely monitoring the development of the Marmaris Real Estate sector and directing people to all necessary procedures in real estate trading.
The experts, who are always suggesting that people who want to invest, should always work with the consultants indicate that those who act in this direction will provide advantages in many aspects. These advantages can be summarized as follows;

  • Correct information can be obtained about the future of the region to be invested.
  • The legal status of the building to be purchased or to be sold can be helped.
  • Buying and selling transactions can be monitored according to legal procedures.
  • There is no loss of time to research about the real estate sector.
  • The most appropriate proposals can be taken and the most accurate investments can be made the first time.
  • Detailed information about the region to be invested can be obtained.
  • A large number of options can be accessed more quickly according to the desired features.

What to Know About Real Estate Consultants

The people who allocate the budget for their investments on their behalf always want to make the right choices for the first time. Especially those who do not know to the region should always think about working with expert advisor.

The team, which enables people to reach real estate properties with the right directions in a short time, also helps in trading transactions that require knowledge and knowledge. The consultants who share their views on the investment they will make with the investor can also mention how to make a profit from the future investment.