COVID-19 and Real Estate Industry 

Turkey Marmaris

Covıd-19 deeply affected the whole economic life and of course, the Marmaris real estate industry took crisis-affected. Sales decreased and the market down stable. Of course, this situation cannot continue forever. The coronavirus will be defeated in the coming months. So, are we ready for economic life after coronovırus? Gonenc Emlak Real Estate company is ready for new market conditions as it is 26 years.

Our 26th Years

Gonenc Emlak, which has been serving in the Muğla region and all its districts for more than 26 years, is a leader in the real estate sector in this region. As Muğla Marmaris real estate company, we are happy to offer you the best quality real estate investments in the most economical way with many years of experience. We are proud to be almost the leader in the rental house sector in Muğla and Marmaris. In order to solve the needs of you, our valued customers, who prefer us in the most practical and economical way, we contribute as much as we can to the real estate sector, which is an increasingly professional field, with our team of experts and experienced real estate consultants.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector, which has increased with the decrease in bank loan rates in recent years, is becoming an even bigger investment market day by day. You should know the unlimited possibilities in the category of real estate listings in the Muğla region, which is exactly what you are looking for. As Gonenc Real Estate company, we have benefited from our customers in the whole region for sale, rental, or exchange. We can say that Muğla Marmaris real estate market is the lifeblood of our country’s geography. Capital invested in real estate never falls, on the contrary, investment in investment grows to a larger size over time. Our suggestion to you is that by taking your share in this real estate sector, you earn more than after the investment you have placed as a property owner in Muğla and Marmaris where there are many real estates for sale.

We see that Turkey real estate sales prices in general, go in the same proportion as Muğla Marmaris’s real estate prices. Especially Marmaris district has all the features that you can easily invest without thinking, with its natural beauty, extraordinary blue sea view houses, chalets, apartments, villas, monthly, weekly and rental homes. Metropolitan transformation projects, which are growing day by day in the Muğla region, provide an extraordinary future for the city. The rapid increase of urban enterprises in the whole region is an indication that the investments made in this region will grow more and more. It will be the right investment for you to contact us immediately in order to take your position in the Mugla real estate market, which continues to grow rapidly. How about evaluating your investment in your future with us and increasing your capital many times?


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Economist. The married. He lives in Marmaris. Founder of Gonenç Real Estate Company. He's been running the company for 25 years.

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