Great Advantages After the Coronavirus

Turkey Marmaris

Despite the excess supply of Muğla Selimiye and Marmaris Real Estate Market, it is known that there is a continuous contraction in demand due to the epidemic. It is stated that there is an increase in housing stock waiting to be sold in our country. The problem experienced in the financial sector shows that the problem is important especially with the situation of investment banks. We will see what will happen with the acceptance of the support package. But; The decline in housing loan interest rates and incentives seem to be positive. Let’s review the impacts reflected in the Muğla Marmaris Real Estate sector.

Marmaris real estate industry?

The development direction of the real estate market is developing in line with the expectations. There is stable mobility two years ago in the Marmaris sector. External dynamics are active in the Marmaris sector. There is real estate for sale in almost every district. But; It is seen that high building material cost inputs and increasing construction expenses have created a resistance against the decrease in prices. Let’s say very clearly. There is no cheap real estate in the home sector for sale in Marmaris. Prices have not been at the same level for two years. Relatively relative sales to the past are weak, not decisive. Thus; We can say that some of the real estate properties sold by the sellers who have problems due to their financial power do not express the as general. The prospect continues for the buyer and seller.

Follow your Dream

Many families living in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, middle age, and older have their dreams. Dreams of owning a home. The biggest demands of life in a town with a sea view and a Mediterranean climate in nature. Ideally, a dwelling is planned in a minimum 500 square meter garden. It is easy If there is money for this dream to come true. It may be possible to take place around Marmaris with your budget starting from £ 100.000

Opportunites Goes On

You can have a chance to build a villa suitable for your lifestyle by purchasing zoned parcels at reasonable prices in the tourist neighborhoods around Marmaris. The popular Selimiye Neighborhood of Marmaris is important in this area. Selimiye is a special place where is known as Losta, host sea lovers. Despite the contraction in the real estate sector, demand intensity is monitored here. You didn’t miss any opportunity yet. If you are interested, we have renewed the Gonenc Real Estate website to provide more detailed information. You can follow this website on smartphones. About the market, reconstruction studies, current real estate ads for sale, answers to frequently asked questions are presented. The Revision Zoning Plan has had significant effects on the zoning peace in the region. Developments were adopted with a positive view.


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