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Gönenç Emlak Real Estate Company made a statement by offering suggestions to the audience regarding Marmaris housing investment opportunities. Housing loan interest rates stimulated demand for houses for sale in Marmaris. As is known, in order for the investments made to gain value, the existence of new projects around it is required. Projects are an important separator for investors who want to invest in housing, land or workplaces. In this article, let’s explain why it is important whether new projects are being made in the areas where investment is desired and where investors can be learned. Let’s answer which ways you should follow for this.

The 5ways Rule in Housing Investment

1-Check the website of the municipality where the residence is affiliated. Information about the investment projects being made or under construction can be found on the website of the municipality. It is possible to find out whether new projects are available by visiting the sites of the big city or district municipality.

2-Follow the announcements and websites made by the Ministry of Transport. It is useful to visit the Ministry of Transport website for investments in the subway, high-speed train, airport, and highway. You can check whether there are projects to be built or are still under construction. In addition, you can find out the press releases made by the Ministry of Transport with the research you will do by finding the relevant contents using search engines.

3-Collect information from reliable sources to evaluate the region, then analyze it. It is important that you analyze the region to be invested electronically or as a result of health research. However, the information needs to be clear enough to leave no room for doubt. You can get detailed information from real estate offices and investment experts in the region.

4-If you can contact in the region, learning the opinions of the homeowners about the investments to be made here, even if it is indirect information, can be supported while making the evaluation. You can try to find out the thoughts of investors who have invested before. Pay attention to the opinions of the families residing here. Thus, learning the advantageous and disadvantageous features of the investment area safely from the right source contributes to your analysis. Learning from these sources will help you create predictions.

5-Gather information about housing projects in the Investment Area. Housing projects in the near or distant future will increase the investment value of the region. The reason why this matter is important is that future investments will also increase the square meter price level of the houses. The value of the house you invest in will increase by making a premium. Question the existence of such potential.


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