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The Rules for Foreigners Buying Property in Turkey

For more than 26 years Gonenc Emlak Real Estate continues its professional real estate advisory services to the southern coast of Turkey and Marmaris Real Estate industry. Selling property to foreigners requires experience, knowledge, and care. How is this process managed? First of all except for some conditions foreigners can not buy real estate in Turkey. On the basis of reciprocity, that is, there should be a contract that provides mutual property. If there is no contract between states, the citizen of that country cannot buy property here. The mutual agreement does not mean that property can be purchased from anywhere. Gönenç Real Estate Company rigorously manages the sale of housing in Marmaris. The most important issue for us has always been safe shopping. Therefore, let’s say that you are in the right place to buying a house in Marmaris.

Buying Process

Military zones, archaeological sites, etc. It is prohibited. Therefore; sales require a process. If every Turkish citizen is would like to capable of purchasing, if there is no deficiency in their documents within the same day, they can complete the transaction. For foreigners, this period generally takes one to four months. In some countries, this period may be longer. Here, full reciprocity, equality is mentioned. It is paid attention to the equality that Turkish citizens can buy at the same time, no matter how long they can buy real estate in our country.

If the buyer saw the property, made a bargain with his owner, and had a deposit, the sales process begins at this stage. A file containing information about the house to be purchased and about the buyer is prepared. In this file, the deed of the house, the building permit, the sales contract, the receipt, the passport information of the buyer, the identity information of the seller, the map indicating that the house is not in the forbidden area, police station, school, sea, etc. explanations showing distances are included. Cooperation and realizes by the real estate company that performs these works professionally and with the coordinated offices. The documents are also prepared by a notary public translator by a notary public.

Safe Honest Shopping

All these transactions are carried out under the supervision of our company representative. This service fee is paid by the buyer. When the file is completed, it is given to the Land Registry Office. Within the scope of the right to obtain information, a password is obtained for tracking files. The file is officially sent to the Aegean Army Command. An investigation is made about the buyer and the property. When the review is completed; The file is sent back by making a positive or negative decision. If a positive decision was made; Buyer, seller are invited by us, sales are realized within the same day. The sale is made under the supervision of a sworn translator registered at the Notary in the Land Registry Office.


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