Mugla Gökova Tourism

Gökova Marmaris Real Estate Tourism is Developing

The article titled Gökova Marmaris tourism is developing, it has announced that it has contributed to the real estate sector. Foreigners’ purchase of housing from the Marmaris Real Estate market are successful developments in the tourism industry. It enables foreigners to settle in the region by buying houses in Marmaris. Akyaka, which lies to the east of Gökova Bay, continues to direct Marmaris real estate tourism! The region attracting attention with its low population; It is located in the middle of Marmaris and Muğla road. Calmness and natural beauty are among the factors that increase the quality of the holiday experience in the region, which is visited by local and foreign tourists 365 days a year.

Holiday in Little Fishing Town

First discovered in 1980, the region makes a difference with the peace it offers its residents. The small fishing town, which is admired by the local investors from big cities, has managed to attract attention with its tourism activities in recent years. Houses built in harmony with the natural features of the region attract the appreciation of investors who come to Marmaris for a holiday.

How is Gökova Transportation?

Gökova transportation without transportation problems with its proximity to the centre of Marmaris; It takes place easily, quickly and economically with public transportation departing from the city centre every hour. The region, which is on the route of daily boat tours, is flooded with clear and clear waters. The world-famous Cleopatra Beach is considered among the natural beauties reached after the high hills and is a centre of attraction for the region.

Gökova Akyaka

Akyaka, which is located in the centre of the Blue Tour routes, is effective in the development of real estate investments in the region with its proximity to Gökova. The investments made by purchasing a parcel from the Selimiye land for sale in recent years are remarkable. The town, which makes a difference with investment options suitable for every budget, has different beauties in 4 seasons.

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