Property Sales in Turkey

The Touristic Coasts

Property sales in Turkey Muğla surroundings Marmaris, Bodrum, and Fethiye continue to attract the attention of foreigners in terms of holiday homes. Let’s write what we witnessed for the Marmaris real estate tourism we live in. In 1990-2000, the British, Germans, and Scandinavian countries bought residences on these beaches. In the years 2000-2010, there was diversity with the participation of different countries as well as the existing countries due to the effect of promotion and tourism movements. However, the correlation between the capacity ratio in sales transactions and the increase in housing supply decreased. Tourist visit demand of Scandinavian countries has narrowed. In 2000-2019, the Russians and the Arabs ought residential and investment lands. The 2020 outbreak was the reason for a decline in property sales to foreigners without discrimination.

Population Growth

But; In recent years, the British and Germans sold their houses and preferred to settle in Dalaman, Göçek, and Fethiye. It is observed that especially the British withdrew from Marmaris. Marmaris, which has risen from 6,000 inhabitants to 100,000 residents in 25 years, can no longer grow geographically. In the summer, the population reaches 800,000 level. Due to the lack of a rental house, the prices are constantly rising, the parking problem could not be solved, and the population increase decreased the desire to own a house. Coming to and from Marmaris is for holiday purposes only. Mistakes made in the vision of structuring find their negative return. We wish; At least, the understanding of preserving the beauty of Marmaris of this day constantly has been gains strength.

Important Points for Foreign Nationals to Acquire Property

There are required documents during the acquisition of property by foreign nationals. The immovable title deed is the priority document here. An identity document or passport is required with a notarized translation. In addition, the real estate fair value certificate obtained from the relevant municipality must be obtained. A compulsory earthquake insurance policy for the buildings is required separately from the seller and 2 photographs taken within the last 6 months. If there is a person who does not speak Turkish, then these transactions will be carried out with a sworn translator. Transactions can be made accordingly. In addition, these transactions can be carried out with the power of attorney issued abroad. However, it should be known that this has a different status. After the documents are submitted to the land registry office, the research process begins. The sale takes place in approximately 1-3 months.

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