Real Estate Market Research

Investment Decision Process

Gönenç Real Estate Company announced that it will bring successful results if it is carried out by experienced experts in the field of real estate market research. The decision of the investor is the result. Because before him, the counsellor he receives support has patient research, analysis and evaluation process. . Real estate sector, banks, financial institutions, investment partnerships; credit, collateral, investment project, individuals, legal and public institutions for usage purposes.


Market research covers the process before individuals invest in any real estate market. It is the combination of basic information about the subject or region, intelligence, potential risk, profit and loss expectations, prospective customers, and having information about competitor investors. It is a process of evaluating all results. It is very important to determine the result of the investments to be made in terms of profit and loss. In the same way, the results should be acted upon while conducting market research. The investment that is desired to be realized in macro and micro scales requires research and analysis in many fields.

Real Estate Market

  • Potential region/regions analysis,
  • Examining the large-scale projects that have been made and planned to be made,
  • Analysis of projects under construction in the surrounding area,
  • Examining the target market need,
  • Analysis of the most suitable type of property to be purchased for investment (residence, office, plaza),
  • Analysis of the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,
  • In-depth examination of other investments in the region in terms of opportunity, attraction, deficiency, quantity and quality,
  • Supply-demand balance of the region,
  • Demographic structure, socioeconomic structure, location of the region,
  • Customer potential,
  • Secondary market situations,
  • Customer demand preferences, customer purchasing power,
  • Estimated supply-demand balance at the end of the investment process,
  • Potential rent, business, etc. In the style of analysis of other incomes, research and analysis are made and investments are made according to these data.

Real Estate Market Research Process

It varies for many reasons. Effective and deep research should be done. It will be possible to more accurately determine the needs, expectations and demand of the market, the amount of demand and the duration of the demand. For this process, deep researches should be done in the region. Along with this, calculations must be made. The profit and loss situation should be evaluated by customers. In this process, the real estate sector should provide information by communicating with individuals. The fact that the research is deep and detailed creates a parallel trust in individuals.

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