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As Gönenç Real Estate Company leaves behind a year under the influence of Kovit-19 and Omicron variants, the Turkish real estate market and Marmaris real estate market continue to look for new outlets. Pandemic conditions are very effective on the market. Negative effects are accepted indisputably not only in our country but also all over the world. However, while the sectors are struggling to maintain their existence, it is observed that there are also those who turned the crisis into an opportunity. The real estate market is moving in the shadow of the epidemic. As is the case in Turkey, it is not possible for the housing prices to decrease for the Marmaris real estate market.

Popular District Charm

The preferences of people who want to buy housing goes up to a very high level and prefer luxurious but comfortable subjects. In regions where earthquake risk is high, real estate types are generally preferred in villas or gardens. In touristic regions, the rate of purchase of houses for summer purposes has increased, so the types of constructions are shaped according to the preferences of the people. Considering Marmaris, which is among our most preferred cities among our southern regions, this city’s crowded population and the combination of the sea and the sun have become the places of choice for people who need real estate.

Summer Houses

The increase in interest in construction projects in Muğla and Marmaris, which are among our cities in the south, is due to the fact that this region is highly preferred. The coexistence of the sea and the sun is the most important attraction for the people who will buy a house. At the same time, benefiting from solar energy in summer and winter minimizes energy consumption and the fact that almost all of the projects cover this application provides great benefits. It helps to buy the right house with the information obtained from detailed news on Gonenc Real Estate Company. The second most important feature of the city is that it is easily preferred for all the needs of the people living in it, as it is located in big cities.

Marmaris House Prices for Sale

There are real estate and housing prices suitable for all budgets in the region. There are also lending options suitable for new projects. The construction of new buildings continues with the urban transformation application. It is normal to experience fluctuations in demand due to the pandemic and local market effects. . Unfortunately, there has not been a decline in housing prices in our district for 28 years. The reason is that there is a chronic continuous increase in demand in the market. In crisis-labelled periods, the sales transaction volume narrows, but there is no decline in price levels. Sales rise in the winter season. Due to the increase in demand in the so-called summer season, widespread price increases are experienced. Second hand 2+1 flats start from 900.000-TL and 3+1 houses start from 1.250.000-TL. Real estate values ​​are reflected in plus or minus sales price according to location, age and quantity factors. First-hand new flats find buyers from 1.300-1.750.000 and 3+1 houses from 2.000.000-TL. Sea view apartments start from 3.500.000 TL. What we need to point out is that real estate prices will continue to increase after the epidemic.

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